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Sunday, 09 July 2006

Italy has won the final of the "Real" World Cup 2006 but the Ultimate Online World Cup Battle is still being contested...

Congratulations to Italy after their victory over France in today's World Cup final in Berlin. "Forza Italia!" ;-)

The "real" World Cup is now over but the Ultimate Online World Cup Battle will go on. Continue to support your favourite team and push the online ranking of your nation on the way to the next World Cup in 2010!

On the day of the World Cup final 2006 the online Top 10 nations were as follows with about 400,000 total fan goals scored:

1 Australia 14.7 %
2 Germany 14.7 %
3 Poland 10.9 %
4 England 9.9 %
5 France 7.8 %
6 USA 6.9 %
7 Ukraine 4.0 %
8 CŰte d'Ivoire 4.0 %
9 Netherlands 3.2 %
10 Brazil 3.2 %

Congratulations to Australia who was battling hard against Germany for the last days. The title of the current World Champion was changing every day between those two but at the time when the World Cup 2006 final had finished, Australia was in the lead by 68 goals. Congratulations to their interim Online World Championship Title! Germany missed the interim title by only a few goals but they are the "World Champions of the hearts" anyway ;-)

However, the battle will go on and you can still push your team to the top! Show which nation has the best football fans!!! Is it your flag that is shown in the current World Champion spot? It's up to you to score goals for your nation...

You can check the current ranking of all nations here.

We wish you a lot of fun on FlagTheDonkey.com - even after the World Cup 2006 final !!!

Your FlagTheDonkey.com Team

Friday, 09 June 2006

The "Real" World Cup 2006 has just started today and over 200,000 goals have been score already...

The World Cup 2006 has started today in Germany. Yeah!!!

"Jetzt geht's looooos!!!" ...that was German for: "It has started" ;-)

We saw a great opening match and Germany had a really good start into the tournament. Congratulations!!! But right in time Germany also took the lead in the Ultimate World Cup Battle online. Breaking the 200,000 goals barrier the German fans have shot their nation to the top position and replaced Poland as the current World Champion. Poland has lost its first real match against Ecuador. Is this symptomatic?

We don't want to go that far but now the time has started your teams need the most support. Help your nations to score goals online! Which country has the best football fans? Invite your friends to prove it...

The online fan battle has become really close again. Check the current ranking of your nation and shoot till you drop!

The World Cup has just started and the thrill is getting bigger and bigger. In the stadiums, in front of the TVs, on the streets and online on FlagTheDonkey.com...

We wish all countries a great tournament! Good luck!!!

Your FlagTheDonkey.com Team

Saturday, 03 June 2006

One digit more: 100,000 goals!!! And we have a new runner-up...

You made it... We've broken the barrier of 100,000 goals scored by fans around the world on FlagTheDonkey.com. Amazing!!!

We also have a new runner-up: The Polish fans came in and were the top scorers lately. They have pushed their nation to the top and claim to be the World Champion at the moment. Congratulations!!!

The other nations thought they were safe but the Polish showed them how great fans they are. What about the others? Which nation really has the best football fans? Support your team online!

We are curious how the Ultimate World Cup 2006 Battle will go on...

Your FlagTheDonkey.com Team

Thursday, 01 June 2006

The Ultimate World Cup Battle is getting ultimately exciting!!!

It's thrilling to watch how the World Champion is changing almost every hour on FlagTheDonkey.com!

This morning Mexico was in the lead, but in the afternoon the other nations came back and pushed their teams to the top. The Netherlands were the top team for quite a while but then things changed every hour... The donkey started to get a bit confused for who he should score the goals with all those different players around the world but he managed to concentrate and not to shoot in the wrong direction ;-)

A leading group of 5 nations had established and at the end of the day the current percentages of goals were as follows:

1. Netherlands 11.7 %
2. Germany 11.7 %
3. England 11.6 %
4. Mexico 10.9 %
5. France 10.2 %

You can check here for the complete ranking list of all nations.

Thanks to all the participating fans out there FlagTheDonkey.com has become a very exciting website and we are curious how it will go on. Keep on supporting your teams as you did today... That's what we call real football fans!!!

It's time to go to bed now after this tough day and the donkey needs to relax a bit as well.

See you tomorrow...

Your FlagTheDonkey.com Team

Sunday, 28 May 2006

50,000 goals!!!

Not even 2 weeks have gone by and we have reached the 50,000 goals mark. Cool! You are great fans!!!

And we have just started... The donkey is ready for the next 50,000. Let FlagTheDonkey.com be the largest online battle of the World Cup 2006!

We already seem to have some very eager fans on FlagTheDonkey.com. The Mexicans had a great comeback this week. They climbed up from position 14 all the way to the top and can call themselves World Champions at the moment... They are really tough players. Don't let them get away to far! ;-) Shoot for your favourite nation now!

Your FlagTheDonkey.com Team

Friday, 26 May 2006

We're close to 40,000 goals and the fans like our Flag Ad online advertising

We are about to hit the mark of 40,000 goals. You are great football fans and the World Record in online World Cup goals seems to get set on a very high scale! The donkey's shooting skills have improved with all the practice and the Ultimate World Cup Battle is getting closer and closer. We're getting in more and more wide spread international players and we hope the game will grow even bigger...

6 more advertisers have linked their Flag Ad pixels to their websites. We are happy that you like our form of online advertising in the World Cup Gallery and wish you a lot of traffic to your sites. Check out the daily Top 5 of all Flag Ads!

You also wish to advertise in the context of the sport event of the year 2006?

There are still 1983 flag spaces available. Secure one of the best spots on the homepage as long as they are available! You can buy pixel in our new format of online advertisement for a period of at least about 4 years until the end of the next World Cup in South Africa in 2010. It's unique and not just another million pixel site!

Go ahead and sponsor the donkey! He has been working really hard on all those goals ;-)

Your FlagTheDonkey.com Team

Monday, 22 May 2006

20,000 goals scored and 3 more Flag Ad in-game ads online

Wow! The first week was great. The donkey and you were really busy and we have already reached the mark of 20,000 goals. Not bad!!!

We have sold another Flag Ad to owners of a funny website. Thank you and good luck! The FIFA World Cup will be big on the WorldWideWeb this year... ;-)

There are also 2 more Flag Ad winners and they are happy to be able to advertise in the World Cup Gallery for free. Congratulations! Keep on playing and have a lot of success and clicks!

Folks... The first week was great and we will start to contact the press now. As you all like our website, the whole world shall know about it. It would be great if as many fans as possible all around the world would take part in the Ultimate World Cup Battle and make FlagTheDonkey.com a really special website in the context of this yearís World Cup.

We had a great start already and hope to grow even bigger quickly... The donkey has just warmed up ;-)

Your FlagTheDonkey.com Team

Friday, 19 May 2006

First Flag Ad advertising space sold today

We have sold the first Flag Ad today. Cool! That went quick. We are overwhelmed... The father of a friend of ours loved our concept and decided to become part of the World Cup Gallery and has put in a pixel advertisement for his company on our website. He has purchased a bundle of 3 flags and now owns the first ad on our million pixel site. Heís proud of that. We wish him the most of success with his Flag Ad!

Thereís still 1997 flags remaining for sale. Now itís your turn to increase traffic on your website! Donít hesitate to buy your own Flag Ad and secure one of the best spots in the World Cup Gallery as long as they are available.

Your FlagTheDonkey.com Team

Thursday, 18 May 2006

The first 10,000 goals have been scored

Our friends got better in playing and are able to score more goals per game now. They have sent it round to all their friends who have already played a lot as well. Today around eight oíclock in the evening the donkey has scored the 10,000th goal. Great!

You all are great fans! Thank you!!!

Go on telling your friends and help to make the Ultimate World Cup Battle big! Shoot till you drop!!! ;-)

Your FlagTheDonkey.com Team

Wednesday, 17 May 2006

First lucky Flag Ad winner of the Ultimate World Cup Battle

We are happy to announce that we have the first winner of the Ultimate World Cup Battle! He has scored a lucky goal with the donkey and redeemed the code for his free advertsing in the World Cup Gallery. The image and link will now be online for one week. Click on the logo to see who is part of online World Cup history!

If you also wish to win with the Ultimate World Cup Battle just go ahead and play! The more goals you score, the greater is your chance to win...

Good luck!

Your FlagTheDonkey.com Team

Tuesday, 16 May 2006

The first 1,000 goals have been scored

We have told all our friends about our website and they really liked the idea. We are proud ;-) The donkey had been waiting long enough to get started and has shot 1,000 goals already. We celebrated all together ;-) Heís eager to keep on scoring goals. Go on and support your favourite Football World Cup team online. Check the current ranking of all nations to see how far your team is away from the online World Cup 2006 title...

We are happy that you all like our game and the Ultimate World Cup Battle has just started...

Your FlagTheDonkey.com Team

Monday, 15 May 2006

This is how it all started...

We have launched our website today and the donkey is very impatient to score goals!!!

We are two soccer fans from Berlin who wanted to create a new exciting idea in the context of this yearís World Cup. Michael works for a Marketing Service Company and Marcel just graduated from university.

We had the idea of FlagTheDonkey.com on a very special Sunday afternoon in the beginning of April 2006... ;-) The whole concept just popped into our minds. We quickly found a team of friends, who were fascinated by our idea as well and decided to help us. Time was running fast towards the World Cup 2006 and we had to work hard during our spare time after work to get the low-budget project going. About one month later FlagTheDonkey.com was born...

We are very curious about how much you all out there like it! Letís make FlagTheDonkey.com go round the world and be something very special in World Cup history.

If you should have any questions, please check out our FAQ or feel free to contact us. You may also register for our newsletter to get updated on whatís happening on the website.

Thanks for Flagging the Donkey! Be real fans and have fun!!!

Your FlagTheDonkey.com Team



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